Learning at Work – The Korean Style

Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK and partners in The Republic of Korea are hosting a three-month Global Competence Development Program in Tampere, Finland for ten Korean students and their teacher. The students are completing two modules in the Vocational Qualification in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology. The objective of the program is to provide competent employees to the sector.

TAKK’s teacher Mr Hannu-Pekka Talvinen and his team have organized two on-the-job learning periods for the students in Finnish companies. The students have gained experience during the first period in October and are now waiting for the next period in November.

– The students have worked in companies such as Air Group and Dynaset. The tasks in the companies have included different kinds of assembly, trimming, spot welding and thin plate works.
Mr. Talvinen adds that since the period is rather short, there is no time for more demanding tasks. Language is a challenge as the students do not speak Finnish, and English skills are still developing. The situation is also new to the workplace instructors so guiding the students has been a learning path. However, with resilience, resourcefulness and perseverance things have rolled out quite well! Soon the students are beginning their second on-the-job learning period at the same workplace, and the situation is easier for them as well.

The experience has been positive for all stakeholders, the workplace trainers, students and the supervisors in the companies. The feedback from the employers to TAKK’s responsible teacher, Mr Talvinen, has been very encouraging and at times, excellent. Challenges in finding the right local train or the correct bus in the morning are now history, and the students are familiar with the study process. Teacher Talvinen believes that the students will receive more challenging tasks on the second round of learning at work in Tampere.